About Allies

The Energy Smart Allies Program aims to facilitate the development of the Sustainable Energy Industry as a whole by linking the suppliers of sustainable energy products and services with customers of the same. So if you are looking to implement, install or invest in sustainable energy technologies - these are the people that you will need.

The program groups together all suppliers of sustainable energy services and technologies in the Energy Smart Allies Directory. Already, over 400 suppliers have joined the program, ranging from air conditioning, lighting, renewable energy specialists to engineering consultants and architects.

Through the Energy Smart Allies Directory, customers can find suppliers who can help them save energy and money. It brings energy efficiency know how and available technologies to customers, in a simple and easy to use reference guide.

Join the Energy Smart Allies Program

Are you a supplier of sustainable energy services and/or technologies? Would you like to be listed in this Allies directory, receive monthly updates on the progress of the industry and partake in other Allies activities organised such as technical seminars or marketing workshops? Click here to register.